Mar 22 2012

Seven Simple Twitter (and Facebook and LinkedIn) Rules

The biblical instructions concerning one’s words broadcast from the mouth apply also to words broadcast over social media.

Mar 15 2012

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

When you’re engaged at work, fully engage, for defined periods of time. When you’re renewing, truly renew. Make waves. Stop living your life in the gray zone.

Mar 09 2012

Faith and Technology: The Good and The Bad

Our friend Ed Stetzer recently listed and discussed a number of benefits and precautions the utilization of technology affords us today.

Feb 29 2012

New Book from LinkedIn Founder: The Start-up of You

Many people are turned off by the topic of networking. They think it feels slimy, inauthentic. Go figure.

Jan 10 2012

GenY’s Professional Facebook Fail

From MSNBC: A poll by the Society for Human Resource Management to be released later this week found that “39 percent of surveyed employers monitor the social media activities of employees while they are using company-owned computers or handheld devices,” said Jennifer Hughes, a spokeswoman for the group. And, she added, “40 percent of organizations …

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Dec 31 2011

Using Social Media in Ministry

Michael Hyatt, Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Books, offers strategies and insight into the use of Social Media.

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