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Jun 20 2013

The Emerging Relationship Between Employer and Employee

Live stream moderated by Harvard Business Review with LinkedIn head Reid Hoffman and senior executives from leading global companies to discuss their perspectives on the new employer-employee compact and what this means for building an entrepreneurial workforce.

Jun 17 2013

Becoming Social Media Savvy Without Losing Your Soul

Becoming Social Media Savvy Without Losing Your Soul

Jun 14 2013

Platform University – Platform Tip 2: How to Start a Blog in Four Steps

Platform University – Platform Tip 2: How to Start a Blog in Four Steps: In this short video, Michael Hyatt shares “How to Start a Blog in Four Steps.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0YYD9awtIY&feature=youtube_gdata

Jun 10 2013

Mobile Web Strategy: Cutting Through the Clutter

Mobile Web Strategy: Cutting Through the Clutter

Jun 09 2013

From Book to Empire: An Exclusive Interview With Dave Ramsey

From Book to Empire: Michael Hyatt’s Exclusive Interview With Dave Ramsey: Can you use a published book to launch your platform? Can you use it as a catalyst to build a media empire? You bet. Dave Ramsey is living proof. In the video below, Micheal Hyatt shares how he came up with The Total Money …

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Jun 03 2013

Expanding the Bandwidth of Discipleship

Expanding the Bandwidth of Discipleship

May 31 2013

Governing Creativity

The March Issue of Project Management Network is online.  Feature articles include: Nurturing the Next Big Thing: Innovation is a must-have. Doing it well, though, requires melding cutting edge concepts with traditional governance. Navigating the Political Minefield: Project Managers ignore internal politics at their peril. Knowing how to play–and when to stop–can pay big dividends. …

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May 27 2013

When the Digital World Meets Reality

When the Digital World Meets Reality

May 26 2013

SEO: Finding a "Best Practice" Approach

SEO: Finding a "Best Practice" Approach: The most important thing you can do to improve your site’s organic search results is to offer a good user experience via robust, quality content that uses language your visitors use when they search. Bonus points if your site allows visitors to easily share your content—particularly news and feature …

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May 20 2013

How to Take Advantage of Mobile Ministry Technology

John Edmiston is the CEO of Cybermissions and is one of the pioneers in this area having been in Internet ministry since 1991. He has numerous websites and focuses on producing training for pastors and leaders in the developing world. John Edmiston has also been a missionary in South-East Asia and a pastor. John and …

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