Jun 03 2013

Expanding the Bandwidth of Discipleship

Joanne Jung has a heart for students and is a pioneer in building community in her online classes at Biola University. Her passion to grow her students in their knowledge of the Bible is surpassed only by seeing that knowledge transform their lives into Christ’s likeness. Dr. Jung’s interests lie in hermeneutics and spiritual formation. Her research of the English Puritans, specifically their spiritual practices and community, continues to fuel Dr. Jung’s passion to nurture her students’ growth in their knowledge of the Bible and seeing that knowledge impact their spiritual transformation. This passion to see others grow in Christ extends beyond her students, serving those within her local church and community. Her two books, Knowing Grace: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Godliness and Godly Conversation: rediscovering the Puritan practice of conference were released in 2011. Joanne will be leading a breakout session in the theology track.

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