Apr 02 2013

Webinar: Small Project? Small Team? Big Impact!

Webinar: Small Project? Small Team? Big Impact!: The typical 500 lb. gorilla of web projects in higher education is the complete campus-wide redesign and CMS implementation — but what about all the little 10 lb. monkeys? Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Those little monkeys that jump on your back every time someone walks into your office and says, ‘Hey, I have this idea for a website!’

Completely overhauling your main website may be an all-consuming task for nine months every four years, but the smaller projects in between are just as important and there are many more of them. For example, maybe…

— you have a research institute that needs a new website to reach their unique faculty peer and professional association audiences.
— you need to build and launch a microsite for admissions–quickly–to boost yield in the incoming class.
— you need a blog aggregation site, or a social media campaign hub, or a campus anniversary celebration site, or any number of others.

Or maybe it isn’t the project that is small — maybe you work in a small team. Maybe you are even one of the many ‘Armies of One’ out there who have to do it all — web content management, social media, html/css, wireframing, usability testing, and more — and now you’re being tasked with tackling that 500 lb. relaunch gorilla — hm, that might hurt a bit.

Are you nodding your head? Does this sounds familiar? Well then you should this webinar on small team and small project strategy and success. mStoner strategist Fran Zablocki shares his experiences working in higher education and for mStoner to address a number of questions:

— What are the challenges that smaller web teams face to produce great websites?
— What are the limits to what you can accomplish with the resources and skills you have?
— What are the advantages (yes, there are some!) to being small or focusing on a smaller scale project?
— What tools are our there that are a good fit for small projects and small teams?

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