Jan 23 2013

NLRB Rulings Regarding Employees and Employers Use of Social Media

From the National Labor Relations Board comes a report from the Acting General Counsel concerning social media cases involving employers and employees and the use of social media communications—including audio, video, texting, podcasts, photographs.

… Cases concerning the protected and/or concerted nature of employees’ social media policies and the lawfulness of employers’ social media policies and rules continue to be presented to the Regional Offices and are then submitted to the Division of Advice in Washington for my consideration. In addition, these issues and their treatment by the NLRB continue to be a “hot topic” among practitioners, human resource professionals, the media, and the public.

The memo reviews fourteen recent cases that “present emerging issues in the context of social media.”

Issued in January of 2012, these issues and rulings should be read by all employers–including non-profits–for guidance on issues of concern as they relate to the establishment of social media policies by churches and ministries who employ people.


OM 12_31 Report of the Acting General Counsel Concerning Social Media Cases by

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