Jul 12 2012

How to Create an Effective Online Ministry

The Resurgence has a couple of helpful items related to web ministry online:

A checklist for your church’s new website

  • Vision
  • Blog Style
  • Branding
  • Team
  • Technology
  • Project Management

5 Principles of Church Website Design

  • Tell them why you exist
  • Give ’em a Hook
  • Cast a wide net
  • Don’t fake a vibe
  • Show the story

And Michael Hyatt ‘s guest poster Leo Widrich offers Four ways to turn twitter.com into your social media powerhouse

  • Save your best reads for later
  • Post your tweets at a better time
  • Read posts right in your twitter stream
  • Get a better grasp of your followers

Visit each link for discussion of each bullet point.

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