Mar 09 2012

Faith and Technology: The Good and The Bad

Our friend Ed Stetzer recently listed and discussed a number of benefits and precautions the utilization of technology affords us today.  A summary follows, but read his posts for the detailed explanations and subsequent discussion.

Faith and Technology: 12 Positives


  • Online Community and Discipleship
  • Simulcasts and Video Venues
  • The Bible and Music at Our Fingertips
  • Increased Use of Video
  • Promotion of Events
  • Church-Specific Social Networks
  • Church Apps
  • Searchable Sermon Notes and Personal Notes
  • Follow Conferences You Don’t Attend
  • Instant Accountability
  • Growth of Networks and Resources for Missions and Church Planting
  • Prayer for an Area

Faith and Technology: 12 Precautions

  • Everyone Has a Printing Press
  • Spread of False Information
  • Disconnection with Actual Real People
  • Ability Differs from User to User
  • Expense of Keeping Current
  • Distraction During Sermons
  • Impact on the Home
  • Confusion about Community
  • Online Giving
  • Online Church Discipline
  • Online Dating
  • Self-Promotion


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