Nov 15 2014

Seven Strategies for Building Your Email List

Seven Strategies for Building Your Email List: Welcome to the new season of This Is Your Life. In this fourth episode, Michele Cushatt and Michael Hyatt talk about seven practical strategies for building your email list.

Oct 13 2014

Jason Caston: The Internet Church Campus [Biola Digital 2014]

Jason Caston: The Internet Church Campus [Biola Digital 2014]: Jason Caston discusses effective methods of spreading a church campus onto the internet. He explains the types of content and services that have proven successful in sharing the gospel and ministering abroad. Caston encourages his listeners to engage with the vast audience they will find online.

Sep 20 2014

How to Start Measuring Social Media Effectiveness in Your Organization [Biola Digital]

Justin Wise discusses effective ways to measure social media interaction. He explains that simply monitoring views and likes is not sufficient. Wise shares that creating and maintaining interaction with online users must be the focus of a media presence, and offers practical steps and tools to achieve this goal.

Sep 07 2014

Curtis Baxter: Ministry, Development, The Digital Connection Economy — What’s it mean now?

Curtis Baxter, Digital Ministry Strategy Manager for Salem Web Networks, discusses the importance of human individuals in the digital world. He explains that marketing and commerce are becoming increasingly focused on the individual as companies recognize the importance of establishing a connection with consumers. Baxter urges his listeners to value people foremost and results second.

Aug 28 2014

Flipped Theology: New Technologies for Teaching Ancient Truths

Dr. J.R. Miller discusses the benefits of technology for pastoring and biblical instruction. He explains how technology has enabled a farther reach of the gospel, more accountability, and more availability of knowledge. Dr. Miller emphasizes that technology can never replace human interaction which is fundamental to Christian teachings.

Aug 19 2014

The 6 Rules for More Effective Slide Presentations

The 6 Rules for More Effective Slide Presentations: As leaders, communication is essential to success. In this episode, Michele Cushatt and Michael Hyatt discuss how to use slides to enhance your presentations and make a greater impact on your audience.

Aug 19 2014

The 5 Benefits of Collaboration

The 5 Benefits of Collaboration: Welcome to the new season of This Is Your Life. In this first episode, Michele Cushatt, Michael Hyatt’s new co-host, and Michael talk about why he decided to change his podcast so dramatically and what you can learn about leadership from our experience.

May 19 2014

How to Ignite Your Pinterest Boards

Professor Carolyn Kim of Biola University explains how organizations can engage audiences via Pinterest.

May 05 2014

Social Media in Education

Dr. Ron Hannaford discusses the strange dynamic of social networking whereby people have many connections but few deep relationships. He considers the reasons that these realities have come to be, what positive aspects come with connectivity, and what negative aspects come with a diminished sense of relationship.

Apr 28 2014

Building Relationships One Tweet at a Time

Dr. Rebecca Hong recounts her application of Twitter to a class of freshman, explaining how social networking facilitated a strong sense of community in the class. She considers the unique benefits to using Twitter and encourages her audience to find ways to apply Twitter to their own interactions.

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